We reported over the weekend that WandaVision and Game Of Thrones director Matt Shakman was closing in on the directors chair of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie for Marvel. Today comes the news that may confirm he’s heading back to the MCU. He’s dropped out of the new Star Trek picture at Paramount over a scheduling conflict.

Having danced around, directionless, for nearly a decade regarding cinematic Star Trek, Paramount finally seemed to have sorted itself out. After flirtations with reboots, resets and even Quentin Tarantino, they had finally set a course.

Star Trek
“We should have had another Trek movie about here…”

This movie was to be the fourth in the Kelvin Timeline that was created by JJ Abrams via the 2009 rebooted Star Trek, with Chris Pine reprising his role of Captain James T. Kirk. This alternate universe Star Trek started well enough, but was the victim of Abrams-hackery in the second instalment with reheated plot points salvaged from the original universe. Abrams did not direct the third instalment, Star Trek Beyond, which was the most Trek-feeling of the three movies.

Matt Shakman

The deal for Fantastic Four is yet to be closed, but this move would seem to suggest it may be signed and sealed soon. This leaves Paramount stuck as they were pushing hard on the new movie. In a statement they said:

“Matt Shakman is an incredibly talented filmmaker, and we regret the timing didn’t align for him to direct our upcoming Star Trek film. We are grateful for his many contributions, are excited about the creative vision of this next chapter and look forward to bringing it to audiences all around the world.”

The Shakman-directed Star Trek movie was aiming for a December 23rd 2023 release, which would mean production has to start this year. These timings may now be in doubt unless a new director can be found fast.

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