Sex And The City may have had all-pervasive materialism oozing from the screen, set unrealistic expectations as to the lifestyle a freelance journalist could expect, only featured the kind of camp gay caricatures that would have made a Carry-On movie wince, and featured leads that were self-absorbed, narcissistic, slutty and whiny, but that didn’t stop it somehow becoming a huge hit and a cultural touchstone. Even having a second movie spin-off that is generally accepted as being one of the worst movies ever made didn’t kill it. So powerful is its awfulness that now Sex And The City destroys share value, too!


Spoiler Warning

Look, as an Outposter we know you probably don’t watch the show. We don’t watch it either. It was only as I started writing this article that I discovered it’s not actually called Sex In The City. However, we should probably warn you, just in case – spoiler coming.

Just Like That, the Sex And The City continuation aired its first two episodes and there was a big shock in store (apparently!) – The death of Chris Noth’s Mr. Big. The love interest of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) died at the end of the first episode from a Peloton-induced heart attack.


On Friday morning, after their product featured in a fictional death, after the stock market opened Peloton shares fell 12% by more than $5 per share.

Peloton reportedly were aware of their equipment being featured in an episode, but did not know it would be used like this. Peloton PR has gone into overdrive and they made through a cardiologist to US Weekly talking about the importance of exercise and pointing out that their products help prevent heart attacks.

So there you go. Not only does Sex And The City rot the brains of viewers, but it also makes you poorer.

And Just Like That is airing weekly on HBO Max, so now you know when to be out.

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