According to that most unreliable of outlets, the internet in general, there may finally be movement on a secret Star Wars project. A full-blown movie. What’s more, it may be about to start filming imminently with an announcement in Spring next year.

There were noises about such a project, overseen by Damon Lindelof, earlier last year. Then rumors began to swirl again towards the end of the year and it seemed like things were actually progressing. Justin Britt Gibson was helping with writing duties while and  Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (Ms. Marvel) was attached to direct.

Everything went quiet for a while until this news. Pre-production may have progressed further than people had expected and the project may be preparing to go into full production in April. Star War Celebration Europe will be taking place between the 7th and 10th of April, so look for an announcement then, if this is real.

This would certainly chime with what we are hearing about Disney senior leaders being exasperated with Lucasfilm and their constant Star Wars announcements, only for various projects to stall, end up canned, or lose another director. So they are keeping their mouths completely shut until the cast are almost standing in front of the damn camera. Imagine how hard it must be for Lucasfilm to keep quiet?


The film is said to have a completely new set of leads, but features some characters from the sequel trilogy, because that went so well. Daisy Ridley was recently spotted at Lucasfilm, even posting about it on social media.

Hard to believe that there hasn’t been a single Star Wars movie since The Rise of Skywalker apologised its way onto the screen way back in 2019.

Andor has been a critical darling, so maybe they think they have their Star Wars mojo back. What’s the betting they have learnt absolutely nothing from Andor and what made it good? After all, can you imagine Lucasfilm following advice?


The Star Wars that was the least interfered with, made with vision by an experienced pro who didn’t take notes from the studio, turned out to be the most successful of the Disney era.

What lesson can possibly be learned from this? It sure is a brain teaser.

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