Development Moves Forward

Variety reports that Universal Pictures has announced that director Luca Guadagnino will direct the reboot of Scarface.

The script, written by the Coen Brothers, is set in Los Angeles, a departure from the 1983 film’s setting in Miami and the 1932 version’s setting in Chicago. The lead character in the new film is said to be an immigrant, as both Tony Camonte and Tony Montana were.

This film will be the third version of Scarface. The first, in 1932, starred Paul Muni as gangster Tony Camonte and was directed by Howard Hawks and Richard Rosson.

The 1983 remake was directed by Brian De Palma and starred Al Pacino. It depicted the tale of a Cuban refugee by the name of Tony Montana, who arrives in Miami with a dream of taking the world for his own, deciding to build his own drugs empire.

Scarface is not the first remake for Guadagnino. He directed 2018’s Suspiria, based on the Dario Argento film, and developed an adaptation of Lord Of The Flies.

Guadagnino is also working on the sequel to his Oscar-nominated movie Call Me By Your Name titled Find Me, with the original stars Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer both returning.