It might soon be time to play a weekly game on the small screen, as a Saw television series adaptation just might be happening.


In a recent interview with Deadline, Lionsgate Television chairman Kevin Beggs spoke about the various projects the studio has in the works.

While it hasn’t yet gotten the greenlight from Lionsgate, Beggs let it be known that discussions are underway to develop Saw as a TV series. Beggs said:

“We’re always exploring what we can do in television with something like the Saw franchise, so that’s a conversation,”

The Lionsgate TV chairman stops short of revealing any additional info, but Deadline reports that the studio is in early talks for a Saw TV series from Mark Burg and Oren Koules’ Twisted Television.

This follows longstanding rumors that the Saw franchise would be making the switch from movies to television, but this is the closest the potential series has gotten to becoming a reality.

It is possible that the studio will make their final decision on a greenlight depending upon the success of Spiral: From The Book Of Saw in May.


The Saw TV series isn’t yet officially a go, but Beggs says that an American Psycho series is already in the works.

According to Beggs, the series is already in development, but no additional details were divulged. Beggs said:

“We’ve just wrapped up Dear White People which was a really good experience, Blindspotting is coming up, American Psycho is in development,”

Released in 2000 and starring Christian Bale as serial killer Patrick Bateman, the original movie adaptation is very popular among horror fans. It remains to be seen if a new take on the cult classic will bring about similar success.


Spiral: From the Book of Saw is scheduled to be released on May 14th, with Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson in lead roles, the sequel follows a pair of investigators looking into a new series of killings resembling the work of the late Jigsaw Killer (Tobin Bell).

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