It was all looking good for the Game Of Thrones spin-off House Of The Dragon. The story from the earlier days of House Targaryen was well received and well reviewed. Then, just like that, the co-creator, executive producer and co-showrunner walked away. Nobody knew why.

Now further details have emerged regarding why Miguel Sapochnik left so abruptly even after directing many episodes of the original Game Of Thrones, and working on a show he had spent three years developing. He was family. So what happened?


Puck News has now reported that reports that Sapochnik walked because of his wife. Their article mentions a stand-off about wife Alexis Raben. She was credited as a producer on season one, but when Sapochnik requested she was producer for season two HBO declined and cited a lack of experience.

She also appeared on screen as Alicent’s lady-in-waiting. Both sides refused to move. A mediator was appointed to try and resolve things but it did not work. Sapochnik left the show.

Potentially related to this, he has fired his reps at the WME agency and joined rival CAA with his wife.


House of the Dragon co-creator Ryan Condal now serves as sole showrunner. George R.R. Martin remains involved.

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