Arguably Stephen King’s strongest book, Salem’s Lot was responsible for a 1979 TV movie that made an entire generation of Outposters terrified of imagined tapping at the window.

The 1975 novel follows a writer who returns to his hometown to write about an abandoned mansion which was just bought by a mysterious businessman from overseas. He finds out that the townsfolk are being turned into vampires and faces a fight to save the town from the spreading evil.

As well as the 1979 Tobe Hooper version starring David Soul, there was a 2004 miniseries starring a Rob Lowe and featuring Rutger Hauer as the deadly Kurt Barlow.

Now they are going again, in feature film form. Annabelle Comes Home helmer Gary Dauberman has signed a deal to direct for New Line Cinema.

Dauberman was already screenwriter for the adaption, having written both IT movies and four spin off from The Conjuring. James Wan, Roy Lee and Mark Wolper will produce.

Epix is currently developing a prequel series titled Jerusalem’s Lot which has Adrien Brody signed to star.

Wonder if they will go for the charming Barlow of the book and the 2004 version, or the animalistic Nosferatu of the 1979 version?