This is at the moment, rumor control since nothing has been signed yet, but it looks like Sacha Baron Cohen is looking to join the MCU, possibly playing Mephisto.


According to reports, the new Disney Plus series, Ironheart, has been casting and they want the main bad guy, Mesphito, to be played by Borat.

Ironheart herself is being played by Dominique Thorne, a young girl of colour who will be showing Ironman how it’s really done since she is:

“…a genius inventor who creates the most advanced suit of armor since Iron Man”

Being a woman, young and ethnic, she’s obviously way better than Tony Stark at everything. Disney and Marvel are running out of male characters they can emasculate.

Alongside Thorne, the other poor sods, I mean, the other lucky actors in the series are Alden Ehrenreich, Harper Anthony, Manny Montana, and Shea  Couleé. If Baron Cohen joins, Mephisto is:

“a Hell-lord of temptation. Empowered by the souls of the damned, this demon strikes bargains with the living to collect residents for his hellish realm.”

We have to wait to see how badly, I mean, how great the series might be since it’s still in production at the moment.

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