Coronavirus cases continue to climb globally. In countries that have had their first wave this is largely driven by increased testing and tracing. As it becomes clear to younger people that they are much less likely to die from COVID19, but can still be spreaders, there is criticism building over a generational approach to social distancing. In short, partying and large gatherings.

John Horgan, the Premier of British Columbia in Canada, recently asked local-born stars Ryan Reynolds and Seth Rogen to help spread a message to teenagers that partying is not safe for them during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Deadpool star Reynolds, who was born in Vancouver, has now responded in his usual style via his social media channels, imploring them to stop gathering in such large numbers and potentially spreading the disease to those less likely to survive without any long-term damage such as environmental activist David Suzuki and Reynolds’ own “insatiable” mother.

Even his wife, Blake Lively, does not escape as he throws in a Gossip Girl jibe.

As expected, it’s gone viral. The status of Reynolds’ mother and whether she remain insatiable cannot be confirmed.