We reported earlier this week that an FTX movie was inevitable, with plenty of runners and riders jockeying for position around several high-profile projects. The wonderfully cynical Outposters chipped in, wondering how Hollywood was going to whitewash this one.

As Apple nears a deal for rights to a forthcoming book from The Big Short author Michael Lewis about the story, comes the news that Amazon are also in the game. Joe and Anthony Russo’s AGBO is teaming with Hunters creator David Weil to bring the story to the streaming screen. The Amazon Prime project will be an eight-episode limited series about the fall of cryptocurrency exchange.


Weil will write the first episode, and the Russos are in talks to direct. In a statement, Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke said

“We are excited to be able to continue our great working relationship with David, Joe, Anthony, and the AGBO team with this fascinating event series. I can’t think of better partners to bring this multifaceted story to our global Prime Video audience.”

The crypto-currency exchange collapsed spectacularly, with those closer to the detail calling it Enron levels of corporate deception. The largely unregulated space is now expected to be urgently looked at by international rule setters such as the global securities watchdog the  IOSCO.

Certain parties are now scrambling to distance themselves from FTX, with the Democrat Party playing down the level of donations from many at the organisation, and the World Economic Forum taking down a webpage praising the operation.

Could we have some corporate-centric entertainment on the level of Margin Call on the way down the pipeline?

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