Online movie news outlets can be guilty of publishing some absolute garbage, we included. As fans, first and foremost, it’s sometimes hard to remain completely objective and not get caught up in some excitement caused by a spurious rumor.

Throw into the mix internet tipsters and “insiders” who just make things up for clicks, or because they have an axe to grind against some studio head who doesn’t even know they exist, and it’s a potent mix for some absolute whoppers to get legs and become reported as fact.

Never ones to be left behind, the legacy media is also capable of doing the same thing, albeit much more slowly. And so it is with news of Gladiator 2.

Russell Crowe was spotted on the set of Thor: Love and Thunder in Sydney leading to speculation that he has a cameo role in that movie. Then along comes Australian gossip rag New Idea which takes speculation up to a new level, and the voracious appetite of The Daily Mail online edition which is basically known worldwide for reproducing any old crap lifted directly from other sources, and suddenly you have a big rumor on your hands.

This rumor claims Chris Hemsworth and Crowe are possibly considering working on a Gladiator sequel together as co-producers.

The original concept for a sequel that never flew involved Maximus being resurrected from the underworld to continue his quest for revenge. This more mystical approach was written by Nick Cave.

This will not use that concept and will instead see Hemsworth playing the late Maximus’ now grown-up son. Maximus remains dead.

The famous “unnamed source” that all of these things rely on says:

“Russell thinks he could be the only man to credibly play his son in a Gladiator sequel.”

If a movie that earned nearly half a billion dollars in 2000 money, and got eleven Oscar nominations, hasn’t got its sequel off the ground in 21 years, why now? Apparently it was Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky’s idea.

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