Over 18 months ago we reported the shock news that lead actress Ruby Rose would not be returning to the role of Batwoman on the CW. The role was recast, but all statements and noises at the time seemed to point to an amicable split. Rose herself said:

“Thank you Peter Roth and Mark Pedowitz and the teams at Warner Bros. and The CW who put so much into the show and always believed in me. Thank you to everyone who made season one a success — I am truly grateful.”

Then last week, out of nowhere, Ruby Rose decided it was finally time to “her truth” and she spoke about her strange departure after just one season, and it seemed like a revelation.Ruby-Rose

On Instagram, she accused Warner Bros execs, the showrunner, and her fellow castmates of various misdeeds, seemingly striking out in all directions. She accused executives of rushing unsafe production in the face of COVID, of forcing her to return from injury, and of inappropriate behavior by male castmates and executives towards female staff.

She also accused fellow actor Dougray Scott of being abusive towards women on set. Normally a mealy-mouthed statement is put out in response to allegations like this as a holding pattern. Not this time. Scott was having none of it and his statement is as strongly worded as they get in response.

 “I absolutely and completely refute the defamatory and damaging claims made against me by [Ruby Rose]; they are entirely made up and never happened.”

Now others are coming forward to push back on Ruby Rose’s claims about the Batwoman set and what happened, on all levels.


First of all, Warner Bros. has clearly tagged her allegations as “revisionist history.” This was followed by another actor on Batwoman flat-out denying what Ruby Rose said and pushing back hard. Camrus Johnson, Luke Fox in Batwoman, didn’t pull his punches:

“Yea fam, she was fired. And it is VERY hard to be fired when you’re the lead. Imagine what u have to do for that 2 happen.”

Now a Production Assistant on Batwoman has spilled yet more detail to genre website CBR which gives excruciating information about Ruby Rose’s on-set behavior. The PA is named as Alexander J. Baxter, and the article confirms Rose didn’t leave, she was fired. The statement explains why:

  • Rose treated anyone who wasn’t a major player on-set (“below the line”) terribly, more or less ignoring their existence or yelling at them, treating them as if they were beneath her.
  • Rose never thanked anyone, “only made demands that left us all exhausted emotionally and physically. She was a dictator to work for” and made the PA consider quitting the industry.
  • Contrary to Rose’s claims about her injuries preventing her from working, Baxter claims that Rose’s friends revealed to her that the days where she was eight hours late to set corresponded with times she had previously been out partying. She often didn’t have her lines memorized.
  • One specific incident is mentioned where Baxter was holding a door open for Rose in the freezing cold, she bumped into it, spilled her food, and just said “Well?” waiting for the PA to clean it up.

So why has Baxter spoken out? Passionately stated:

“When I read her article claiming that the production was at fault, it infuriated me because having been there, I don’t wanna stand by and let her badmouth a company that she tried to screw over. No matter how bad your day, you have no right to be cruel. And season 1 was her reign of cruelty.”

So it appears that maybe Ruby Rose is mistaken in her recollection of events? What could possibly be affecting somebody’s mental health to such a degree that they think engaging in this type of argument with a major studio is a good idea when they were fired?

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