RRR was one of the best movies of 2022. It had over-the-top action, the occasional song and dance routine, with a really good story. It was just one of those movies I thought about long after I had seen it.

The story was about two revolutionaries, Bheem and Raju, in their fight against the evil British colonizers. It had plots and twists that would put M Night Shyamalan to shame. It was well-directed, had good action and cast, and was an enjoyable romp.


RRR was a huge hit in India, and around the world. Netflix reported it was one of the most-watched movies on their platform for 2022. The director has started work on a sequel, and in an interview with Deadline, he said:

“Whenever a film succeeds, as writers, me, my father, my cousin, we sit and we discuss whether it can be taken forward. We usually have some good ideas because we’re high on the success of the film. The same thing happened with RRR. There were some good ideas, but not a compelling one.

Then, after coming to the U.S. and seeing the reaction, I was talking about my experiences to my father, and suddenly my cousin came up with an idea. I thought, ‘Wow, this is a great idea — this has to be developed into a script!’ So, I asked my father to write a script based on that fantastic idea, and now he’s in the process of developing it. Once it becomes a full script, we’ll look into how to take it forward.”

He went on to talk about the US audiences reaction. In India he is used to seeing clapping, dancing, shouting, and whistling during a movie, but not so much in the US:

“[To] see that happen with a Western audience is really unbelievable! I saw it firsthand in New York. They didn’t dance, but they were laughing and clapping. Then we traveled to LA and I saw it in the TCL Chinese IMAX Theatre with almost 1,000 people, 90% of them Americans. And they were shouting exactly the same way how we would shout in the theater.

And then the ‘Naatu Naatu’ song came on. I saw them coming down the aisle, to the space in front of the screen, and dancing. I was on top of the world. And after that I saw it many times in Chicago, in San Francisco… In different screenings across the country, I saw the same kind of reception. It felt really, really felt great.”

He went on to say a sequel would follow the same characters, but wouldn’t say anymore. RRR was one of India’s most expensive movies, costing around $72 million to make. Imagine what a director like that could do with a Hollywood budget.

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