Previous Superman actor Brandon Routh sat down with previous Lex Luthor, Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville) on the latters Inside Of You podcast recently to talk career, changes and challenges.

Routh got to play the Man Of Steel once, in 2006 outing Superman Returns.  He donned the cape again briefly for the Kingdom Come version of the character in CW’s crossover Crisis On Infinite Earths episodes recently.

Inevitably the conversation turned to his time as Superman and his feelings on having played the role.

Reviews for the 2006 adventure were good, as was the box-office.  However it wasn’t a runaway smash hit and was competing for superhero attention with Christopher Nolan’s genre defining Batman movies.

As such the sequel was announced, but delayed, placed into turnaround then eventually cancelled as the Batman trilogy made WB want to head in a different direction.

Of this aborted sequel Routh says:

“The end of my run as Superman, Superman Returns…that did not pan out the way I thought it was going to. The way everyone around me thought it was going to and so I really had to come to terms with a lot of that.

There was no sequel. You know the movie was widely well-reviewed. People liked the movie. It made almost $400 million worldwide but that wasn’t enough and it was a very slow fizzle out over the possibility of a sequel over the next two/three years. And I did everything I could do in my world to help make it happen which is a story for another time.”

Asked about another sensitive issue, the eventual fate of director Bryan Singer, he gave a diplomatic response that Singer was good to him but:

“…he wasn’t always the kindest person to everyone”.

I revisited Superman Returns recently and found it very enjoyable and a breath or fresh air compared to Superman III and Superman IV: The Quest For Peace.