Star Wars: Rogue Squadron has officially been removed from the schedule of upcoming Disney releases, which basically means it’s heading to Watto’s scrapyard.

It was scheduled for December 2023 release but was taken off the studio’s production schedule back in 2021. Rogue Squadron was expected to be the first Star Wars movie to hit theatres since 2019’s The Rise of Skywalker – or Palpatine Won as people who actually understand Star Wars think of it. 

Rogue Squadron Ray
The Palpatine bloodline remains whilst the Skywalker one has ended. Well played Sheev.

Apparently we are still getting a Taika Waititi directed Star Wars movie. However, the reception of Thor: God And Thunder was not good so his Star Wars film could also be at risk.

Thor: God And Thunder had a second week drop of nearly 70% making it one of the worst box office drops in MCU history. It showed us that Waititi is little more than a one trick pony, and as he’s “still writing his Star Wars movie and coming up with ideas” I don’t expect that to see the light of day either.

“Please don’t take Star Wars away from me Emperor Kennedy. I’m making all the main characters gay and everything.”

On a bright note, we do have Rian Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy still in the pipeli… I can’t. I can’t even finish that sentence. It’s never happening. Rian subverted expectations so much that he became a pariah with Star Wars fans and nothing with his name attached to it is going to happen.

So, let’s chalk up the cancellation of Rogue Squadron as another loss in the Kathleen Kennedy column – we’re running out of space! How this woman is still holding the keys to this kingdom beggars belief? She must know something we don’t…

Rogue Squadron South Park

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