The Red Triangle is an area of the Pacific Ocean stretching south from Bodega Bay toward San Francisco and jutting out beyond the Farallon Islands and down to Big Sur south of Monterey. It encompasses around 200 miles of coastline. It gets its name from an unfortunate statistic.


In this area of water, along these coastlines, half of all recorded Great White shark attacks in the United States happen. Now it is the subject of a what Deadline refer to as a “big budget shark movie”.

Shark movies are a very mixed bag. There is the sublime, all time classic of Jaws. Then there are some silly, but fun movies like The Meg and Deep Blue Sea. However at least 80% of the shark movie market is occupied by what can be charitably described as complete and total dogshit.

Straight-to-video, non-name actor, bad CGI -riddled dogshit. Sharknado 6, Shark Night, Santa Jaws, Swamp Sharks… the list is almose endless. It seems it is a particularly difficult sub-genre to get right.

Will they have any more luck with The Red Triangle? Johannes Roberts (47 Meters Down, 47 Meters Down: Uncaged) is returning to sharks to direct this outing. According to the blurb:

“Northern California is famous for its gorgeous beaches, but also known for a particular stretch of ocean that has a bloody reputation – The Red Triangle.

When a cruise ship – a massive, floating, fully stocked resort with thousands of passengers – begins to sink in The Red Triangle, the feeding frenzy begins.”

The Red Triangle will be made by Allen Media Group Motion Pictures, with Roberts directing from his own script, with Tea Shop Productions’ James Harris and Mark Lane producing.


Exec producers are Byron Allen, Carolyn Folks, Jennifer Lucas, Chris Charalambous, and Matthew Signer. In a press release, Allen Media Group’s Founder, Chairman and CEO, Byron Allen said:

The Red Triangle is well-positioned to be a big summer event movie. This shark-filled psychological horror/thriller will once again have moviegoers overwhelmed and on the edge of their seats watching great white sharks methodically terrorize a sinking family cruise ship.”

Roberts wrote and directed Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, and his other credits include the horror The Strangers: Prey at Night with Christina Hendricks, the horror-thriller The Other Side of the Door, and the horror Darkhunters.

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