Well thanks to your support, we have grown a lot in the last two years. Yes that’s right, we just passed our 2 year anniversary!

As such, we have hit the limits on our shared hosting and I, your humble tech, has taken on the task of moving the entire kit and kaboodle to our own server. Which means I have to figure out a lot of stuff!

Over the course of the next week or two, we may have some hiccups and I’ll have a post letting you know when we are switching, hopefully with minimal downtime. But this will allow us for a lot more growth. After that, we may be looking into doing more stuff! There’s a lot of limitations in a shared hosting environment but it got us to this point and we are still grateful for it.

With our own server, it gives us a bit more freedom to create more sites, perhaps a forum? We are open to suggestions.

Those of you who were here last October recalls the “days of darkness” where the site was dying constantly. We don’t expect that kind of thing as in this case we don’t have Godaddy which was TERRIBLE and we are able migrate without causing issues on the old platform. I will alert you on switchover day.

Drunken Yoda in October 2020.

So what will we do in the future? It depends on our ability to commit time beyond what we do. But we are definitely interested in adding people to our little group here in trying to build our little corner of the internet. If you have wanted to be on the youtube channel, create articles, help with social networking, or even suggestions of what we could do better, email us at contactus@lastmovieoutpost.com and we’ll see if it’s a fit!

Thank you everyone for your support. Those of you who donate and even if you don’t, keeping your ad-blocker off for us has been really helpful and let’s us pay for these upgrades to do more!