Straight off Aladdin and The Gentleman then into Five Eyes, Guy Ritchie is not standing still. The Sherlock Holmes director has already set his next project. He’s working at Paramount with Jerry Bruckheimer on a World War 2 set spy thriller Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

The story is based on a factual book by British Author Damien Lewis. Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Omen are producing while Ritchie will write the script.

The book details the history of how British Prime Minister Winston Churchill created a black ops team with total deniability. Made up of mavericks, rogues and free thinkers then given more creative freedom and license to operate than any other military force at the time, it served as the blueprint for Black Ops and Special Forces that all other units in the world were eventually based on.

They were released to cause havoc for Axis forces across Africa and Europe and in the process invented a new kind of dirty warfare.

Their legacy lives on today in the UK triumvirate of Special Forces with the SAS, the SBS and Special Reconnaissance Unit (“The Det“) being considered by neutrals as the best in the business.

Arash Amel, Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson will work with Ritchie to polish the script.