The didn’t learn from Battleships, so now House of Cards creator Beau Willimon will develop Risk for Entertainment One and Hasbro to turn it into a series.

Risk is awesome. Potentially the greatest board game ever made. Certainly better than the never ending tedium that is Monopoly. If you haven’t got Risk in your house, go and get it. Especially if you are locked down. A game can last for days! It will also prove that The Princess Bride was right – never start a land war in Asia.
For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Risk is about strategy, diplomacy, conflict and conquest. Two to six players are faced with a political map of the world which is divided into forty-two territories over six continents and they control their armies through dice to capture territories from other players.

The only way to win in the classic version is to conquer the world. Risk was invented in 1957 by Albert Lamorisse, a French filmmaker. It is still in production by Hasbro today including various special editions such as Star Wars, Marvel Superheroes, Mass Effect, HALO and Modern Warfare.
I have the Star Wars version as well as the classic. Honestly – stick to the classic!

Willimon and Jordan Tappis’ production company, Westward will develop the series. Entertainment One will be shopping around distributors soon.