Firstly, get your mind out of the gutter. Yes, the title Rise of the Pink Ladies does sound like one of those parodies, but no, this a something legitimate made by “professionals” in Hollywood.

You cannot deny that Grease is a classic movie with some amazing songs in it, but it stretches the imagination seeing some of the 40-year-old “teenagers” in the movie. I mean, how long were these students held back? 20 years?

To stretch your imagination even more, it seems that the Rydell High School was a lot more diverse than we saw in the original movie. The Pink Ladies themselves are now:

So, we can assume that Rise of the Pink Ladies isn’t made for the love of Grease, but made for the “modern audience”. The series is set in the mid-50s and takes place 4 years before Danny and Sandy turn up. According to one website, the story:

“…focuses on a group of outcast women who refuse to conform to society’s norms. Proudly displaying themes of feminism, diversity, and independence, the Pink Ladies strive for equality while busting sweet moves on the streets.”

This just sounds better and better! I’m sure it’ll be labelled as “stunning and brave”, which it probably would have been if we hadn’t been battered with “the message” for the past few years.

There are 10 episodes of Rise of the Pink Ladies to ignore, but remember, when you do ignore/hate it, you’re a sexist pig blah-blah.

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