FX canceled Y: The Last Man after just one season. When they did this, the show was free to shop around for a new home on another network or on a streamer. Now showrunner Eliza Clark has revealed the show is over. It is an ex-show. It has failed to find a new home and is officially dead.

Clark revealed on social media that no other network or streamer picked it up.

The FX-created, Hulu-based show was a high-profile, big-budget adaption of an acclaimed comic from Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. The story tells of an apocalypse where all mammals that carried a Y chromosome have been wiped out by a mysterious disease. The lone exceptions are Yorick Brown (Ben Schnetzer) and his pet monkey.

Olivia Thirlby, Ashley Romans, Amber Tamblyn, Elliot Fletcher, and Diane Lane co-starred in the first season. Mixed reviews were followed by audiences not following through from early episodes.


Y: The Last Man was actually, surprisingly, and abruptly canceled three episodes before its Season 1 finale. This was unexpected as Hulu has a reputation for putting creatives first and likes to be known for giving its shows room to grow.

Does this mean that there is more behind the scenes to this cancellation than we know about? It is certainly out of the ordinary when those three episodes were already in the bag.

The show was originally planned by the creating team to be around five seasons long, with Clark confirming:

“Yeah, I had sort of a rough idea that the show would be about five seasons. That still remains true. Yes, that is what I think the show is. Perhaps it could be three or four, but it certainly shouldn’t be one.”

After two aborted movie attempts and several tries to get it up and running on TV, will anyone try again at some point in the future?

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