Famed comic book artist Steve Lightle died this morning. He was 61 years old.
His son wrote this on Facebook:

“This is Matthew Lightle, Steve Lightle’s son. This morning my father passed away from Cardiac Arrest. I wished to thank you all for your friendship to my father, and also to ask that if you are a Patreon follower, please cancel your account as we are just beginning to take care of his affairs.”

Lightle began working in comics in 1984. His first published work was a story in AC Comics’ Black Diamond #4 (Feb. 1984). He followed this with his debut at DC  with a 10–page story in New Talent Showcase #4 (April 1984), a series that provided work for up–and–coming artists who did not have a regular assignment with the company.
The main highlights of his career were his work on the Legion of Super-Heroes and Doom Patrol at DC and his covers for Classic X-Men at Marvel.