It’s possibly the most 80’s movie of all time. The montages, the unsubtle Cold War themes, the hopeful technology, the rock-fusion soundtrack. Just watching Rocky IV will make whatever you are wearing grow shoulder pads and possibly perm your hair.

It’s silly, it’s cartoonish and Rocky takes a beating that would have killed him at least four times over in the finale, yet still wins. This is because he trained through the special powers of snow and barn. Yet it’s impossible not to love Rocky IV.

Many of us are at an age where it was one of the most awesome things we had ever seen in our young lives upon release. Stallone gives it his all. Talia Shire shines as Adrian – the champions anchor, and their relationship is as heartwarming as ever. Creed’s hubris and eventual punishment is still moving. Ivan Drago remains a villain for the ages, like the boxing equivalent of Darth Vader. And admit it, you all have Training Montage and Hearts On Fire on the gym playlist on your phone, don’t you?

Stallone has always been wise about when to delve into his back catalog, when to resurrect characters. So he knows his third sequel in the boxing franchise has potential.  It was hinted at a few weeks ago but today he officially announced the Rocky IV Director’s Cut in time for the 35th anniversary of the much-loved movie.

Stallone said work is already underway:

“So far it looks great. soulful. [thanks] MGM for this opportunity to entertain”.

On Instagram dring a fan chat he did reveal one victom of the cuts. Paulie’s robot, the gift from Rocky. Stallone said:

“…the robot is going to the junkyard forever, no more robot… I don’t like the robot anymore…”

The robot was functional, created by International Robotics Inc. It toured with James Brown to make an appearance during Living In America and was even a member of the Screen Actors Guild. So technically does this mean that it will still need to be credited?

No release date is yet set, or any information on whether it will be a streaming release.