It must be great to be Hollywood. Shit out a substandard product, and when the write-ups aren’t kind you can blame everything but the standard of the product. Imagine if that worked in real life? Get a bad performance review at work? It’s not your fault. Trolls must have sabotaged your performance rating. Amazon seems to be trying the same thing with The Rings Of Power.

Lord Of The Rings

Boring, bloated, and stilted are three of the words being used often in relation to Amazon’s new mega-show after two episodes aired. As scores tumbled, Amazon claimed “review bombing” and suspended reviews on its own platforms.

According to The Hollywood Reporter reviews are being held 72 hours. This will apparently… do something. Not sure what. Maybe they feel people will like the show more after they have slept on it a couple of times?

Rotten Tomatoes has The Rings Of Power at an 84% critics score but only a 37% audience score. Metacritic has the split at 71/100 for critics and 1.1/10 for audiences. Not sure how the critics reviews are so high as many have been scathing.

Last week another bad product cloaked itself in the invincibility shield of “review bombing” claims rather than just admit that maybe it isn’t very good. Marvel’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was at 88% and 36% when the claims were made.

Amazon also owns IMDB and those reviews are still up, earning The Rings Of Power a decidedly soft 6.1 average score.

I am off to be review bombed by the wife for being lazy, slow and hungover this morning.

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