Adult Swim has dropped the official full trailer for the sixth season of Rick And Morty. This well-loved, adult orientated animation series returns on September 4th.

In case you are late catching on, Rick is an alcoholic sociopath and scientist, who lives with his daughter Beth’s family. Apart from building gadgets, he takes his morally right but frequently dim-witted grandson Morty on absurd intergalactic and pan-dimensional adventures. It is excellent.

Rick And Morty

Adult Swim picked up Rick and Morty from a pilot from creators Harmon and Roiland back in October 2012 and it was one of the network’s first primetime original shows. The first season premiered in December 2013. Rick and Morty has been described as:

“…a never-ending fart joke wrapped around a studied look into nihilism…”

The series is said to address the insignificance of human existence as compared to the size of the universe, with no recognizable divine presence. It shares this in common with Lovecraft’s philosophy of cosmicism.

Cosmic horror and existential dread is either dealt with by Rick and Morty deploying technology and science or, sometimes, by choosing to ignore it and life in ignorant bliss. Husband Jerry gets by through denial, while Rick is a depressed, substance-addicted, suicidal mess.

The fifth season proved divisive as scientist Rick and his grandson Morty dissolved their dysfunctional, yet co-dependent, relationship. The through line of the season was the quest to destroy their own clones.

Season 6 of Rick & Morty will contain ten episodes as usual. It will be on Adult Swim and HBO Max in the US, and E4 in the UK as part of a simulcast globally with release dates and times aligned.

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