Adult Swim has released a new trailer for the fifth season of the much-anticipated new series of their hit animation Rick And Morty.

The trailer, which is soundtracked by Vampire Weekend’s ‘Diane Young’, arrived yesterday ahead of the new season five release next month.

It’s been over a year since the fourth season ended and Adult Swim is celebrating with a special launch event called Rick And Morty Day, described as a “new multiverse holiday.”

It means that on both cable and social media, Adult Swim will offer sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes footage and other special surprises Rick And Morty fans.

Here’s the new trailer –

The end of the fourth season of Rick And Morty brought an intriguing turn to the continuity of the series by revealing that Rick intentionally mixed up his real daughter Beth with a clone he created in order to let his daughter live out a more fulfilling life.

Each has all the memories of Beth, but one will live out her mundane life on Earth and the other will be traversing the galaxy and going on cool adventures. But no one will ever know who the real Beth is.

Rick And Morty‘s writers are already hard at work on writing the seventh season (the sixth has already been scripted), and we’ll get new episodes every year until the previous deal with Adult Swim runs out and/or hopefully gets renewed.

Rick And Morty returns to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim in the US from June 20, with as-yet-unconfirmed UK air dates to follow the same month on E4.

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