The Hollywood Reporter has run a piece which has revealed a lot more behind the scenes details about one of the biggest entertainment stories so far this year. Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland being removed from numerous shows, and having studios and platforms cut ties with him.

This seemed to be in response to some hitherto unknown felony domestic abuse charges coming to light as the case neared court. This was apparently a complete surprise to his employers and collaborators. What followed was even worse.


Revelations about his online interactions started to be revealed. Multiple women cam forward to share lewd messages they claimed to have received from Roiland.

He direct-messaged former Mad magazine editor Allie Goertz. She was a long-time fan of his adult swim show and wanted to work on a Rick and Morty concept album. The message read:

“Can you write a song about 9 Dick’s of different sized and ethnic origins hanging above your face, and then in the lyrics describe how they each splatter you with semen.”

It’s an interesting seduction technique. It is also alleged messaged another woman who said she was underage when they began correspondence. In one message he said:

“You should just run away from home and go into sex slavery YOU FUCKING STUPID FAGGOT BITCH (!!!) (Jk).”

Who said romance was dead? WHat a smooth operator. As part of the feature, detgails are given about how things had been going sideways for a while on a number of his shows, and his behaviour was already troubling people. Multiple sources indicated that there was an issue with fellow co-creator Dan Harmon for some time, and the two had not been on speaking terms for years.

A mediator managed to get them to agree to the 70-episode renewal from Adult Swim in May 2018, but they were still not resolving their issues. Roiland’s presence in the writing room had been said to cause issues, so he stopped attending. Outside the voice work that he recorded from home, Roiland has apparently not had any creative presence on any of his shows for some time.

Former colleagues say they haven’t interacted with him in many years, others say they have not even met him over a video call.

So his departure may be less of a blow than previously feared, for any of the still-running shows he created. He has also resigned from Squanch Games.

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