Back in September, we reported that a Ric Flair biopic was going into production and Bradley Cooper was in talks to play him. Well, they were just talks, and Cooper has now signed for a Bullitt project with Spielberg.

This new movie, entitled The Iron Claw, will now star Aaron Dean Eisenberg as the Nature Boy. The movie:

“…follows the story of the Von Erichs, a dynasty of wrestlers who made a great impact on the sport from the 1960s to the present day.”

It’s not so much a biopic about Flair, but about the Von Erich dynasty of wrestlers. Reading about the family is pretty brutal. There were many deaths, some of which were suicide, which lead many to believe the family was cursed.

The Von Erich family, back in the day.
The Von Erich family, back in the day.

The entire story is often presented:

“…as a cautionary tale about parental influence, sibling rivalry and various dangers of the professional wrestling business.”

In 1984, Flair took on Kerry Von Erich for the NWA Championship belt, which you can watch here.

The cast is pretty impressive, Zac Efron, Harris Dickinson, Lily James, Jeremy Allen White, Maura Tierney, and Holt McCallany. Sean Durkin is the writer and director and is being produced by A24.

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