Rian Johnson and his ilk are out promoting his Knives Out sequel, Glass onion to the masses before its November release. During a press conference at the London Film Festival, he was asked whether Daniel Craig’s Blanc was queer in reference to a scene in the film, which appears to show the detective living with another man.

Johnson responded:

“Yes, he obviously is.”

How sad that in a desperate attempt to build up what very little interest there is in his new little film, Johnson has to use the gays as a marketing tool. Surely in a world where the woketards insist on “representation” and “authenticity”, casting a straight man to play a gay man is a little hypocritical, Rian?

Daniel Craig
A straight man playing a gay man. Hypocritical much?

He Is A Johnson

So far, Johnson is mostly famous for directing three episodes of Breaking Bad, a largely forgettable time travel movie starring Bruce Willis, and The Last Jedi. A film so catastrophically bad that it managed to tarnish the reputation of a once beloved, 40-year franchise that in all honesty, still hasn’t managed to recover from.

On top of all that, Ruin will be eternally despised for his part in desecrating the reputation of Luke Skywalker. With the combined efforts of Mark Hamill, between them, they managed to take a character who had been hero-worshipped since 1977 and make him a laughing stock.

NOT Luke Skywalker
NOT Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker was a man so determined to save the galaxy from the tyranny of the Empire, that he was willing to selflessly sacrifice himself on numerous occasions. And what did Johnson and Hamill do in order to “subvert expectations”? They turned Luke Skywalker into a selfish coward who would rather live on a small island milking a space walrus while the rest of the galaxy went to hell.

Has Johnson learned from the mistakes of his own arrogance and attempted to atone for his short-sightedness? Nope, he’s gone and (kind of) done it all again.

Rian Johnson

Benoit Blanc Loves Johnson

Benoit Blanc is a detective from Ruin’s Knive Out movie. A fairly average affair to be honest but the character is mostly famous for being played by none other than James Bond – Daniel Craig.

Ah Bond, James Bond. Quite possibly the most alpha to ever grace our screens. A secret agent who is intelligent, suave, and brave with an endless list of sexual conquest that mere mortals like us can barely even imagine. He loves a drink and a fight, he shoots guns, kills bad guys with his bare hands, drives fast cars and most of all, like Luke Skywalker, has been willing to risk his own life to save the world time and time again.

When you see Daniel Craig on screen, regardless of his impeccable acting chops, you will always associate him with James Bond, and rightly so. It’s a well-earned honor.

James Bond

So naturally, Ruin has gone out of his way to try and make sure that Bond’s image is tarnished. Benoit Blanc doesn’t need to be gay and even if he is, it is completely unnecessary to use his sexuality as a marketing tool unless there were sinister means behind it.

Blanc could have quite easily just been a movie detective with a penchant to dress a little flamboyant, and maybe even hint at his sexual preference or the audience to make up their own minds. But no, Ruin has gone out of his way to show Blanc (Daniel Craig – James Bond) in a scene living with another man. And by doing so, Ruin is doing nothing more than giving the (gold) finger to James Bond fans. 

He tried destroying Luke Skywalker and as a result, only ended up partially destroying his already average career. Now by doing this, he seems determined to unnecessarily piss off another franchise’s fanbase. There must be a reason he hates alphas but I can’t quite put my finger on why…

Rian Johnson

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