I do like a good documentary and this appeared in front of me a few weeks ago now, simply called What is a Woman? 10 years ago, this was a simple question to answer, but nowadays, it’s actually incredibly controversial and complex.

The documentary is about the trans and gender issues that that we see today. It’s presented by Matt Walsh and produced and released by The Daily Wire. I’m not really into politics, but I know places like The Daily Wire have political leanings and that Walsh is conservative, but I went in with an open mind. Walsh simply asked a range of people:

“What is a woman?”

As I said, 10 years ago, not really an issue and I’m sure you can come to your own conclusion on how to answer that question. However, to a new generation of people, that is actually a very complex question and difficult to answer.

He talks to a range of people, from medical experts, gender affirming families and marriage therapists, to a Maasai tribe in Kenya for a completely non-Western viewpoint of the subject.

There are a lot of things to talk about in What is a Woman? For example, one trained paediatrician has been giving ‘hormone blockers’ to children going through puberty, so they can put puberty on hold until they can decide what gender they want to be.

She states that the drug has no long term effects and is perfectly safe. Walsh points out that the drug is also used to chemically castrate convicted sex offenders.


Walsh also talks to a genuine person who had gender dysphoria, which is a recognised condition where someone feels they are born in the wrong sex body. He has set up a foundation to help people come to the correct decision about sex reassignment surgery, which generally involves talking to the person and helping them make an informed decision.

It was upsetting to see him talk about his condition and how he sees the modern Western world as being on a bandwagon at the moment, with young people doing real physical harm to themselves and scarring themselves for life.

The Massai tribe live in sparse conditions in Africa, food is scarce and life can be a struggle. They have certain defined thoughts on what is a woman, one of the ladies said:

“A woman can deliver.”

To them, a woman is someone who can give birth. After telling them about the western world and the whole gender issue, Walsh asked them if any of them would like to live in America, they all said no.

It was interesting to see how some people answered the simple question of what is a woman? Some were very open and would give a concise answer, others would literally end the interview without giving an answer.

Walsh was on Dr Phil, where he was put up against three people that were in favour of the trans issue. Walsh handled himself really well, didn’t lose his temper and gave clear answers, whereas the opposition pretty much berated him. That episode of Dr Phil eventually didn’t air. The reason? The three people claimed they had suffered emotional damage from Walsh’s ‘attack’.

One other thing that stuck with me was one doctor, who does sex reassignment surgery and all in favour of it, gets around $70,000 per operation.

Overall, What is a Woman? made me laugh, cry and feel angry and worried in places. I did go in with an open mind, but after watching it I feel I have come to good conclusion.

It’s a very interesting subject and incredibly well handled. If you have seen Walsh on social media, he’s had the documentary pulled from reviews on places like Letterboxd and Rotten Tomatoes even though, as he pointed out, many of the critics wouldn’t even watch the movie. He’s posted a video where he’s had very offensive emails from critics pretty much telling him where he can stick his documentary.

He also reported recently that he has now been receiving death threats from activists and has had to get the police involved. What a time to be alive.

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