All of the stuff I covered in my Titans Season 1 review is still terrible so I won’t waste a lot of time on it.

Watching this show it reminds me of watching The Rise of Skywalker because similar to that movie I don’t care about anything that happens. It’s just so boring.

Let me just cover this with a bunch of bullet points so I don’t have to waste a ton of time writing whole paragraphs. Pretty much everything I’m going to review about Titans season 2 is negative.

  • Minka Kelly gets her swerve on while driving down a country road.
  • There’s a lot of race-swapped characters from the comics this season and it doesn’t even make any sense even within the context of the show. Deathstroke is Hispanic (he’s been Asian and Italian in the past – but never a WASP, which is what he is in the comics). His wife is white in the comics. I think she is bi-racial on the show. Both of their biological children (Jericho and Rose) are played by Chinese actors. What? Deathstroke’s henchman Wintergreen is black now too, by the way. I’m not a big fan of Marvel’s live-action movies and tv shows, but I’ll give them credit for typically not changing the races of the characters from the comics.
  • The people making this show think a cross and a crucifix are the exact same thing. There’s a 10-minute long scene where they keep calling a drawing of a cross “a crucifix”.  It’s one of the stupidest scenes ever.
  • The characters like Raven and Superboy look like their versions from the Geoff Johns mid-2000s run. That’s okay if you like those comics, I guess.
  • The guy that plays Superboy is 26 and looks it. This is the same age Christopher Reeve was when he played Superman in 1978.
  • Bruce Wayne is played by the guy that looks like Richard Chamberlain from Game of Thrones. His version of the character dances with a couple of cheap strippers on a stage in one scene. That should tell you all you need to know.
  • Changeling has remorse for killing a guy in Season 1. A couple of scenes later he kills another guy.
  • Minka Kelly sings!
  • Donna Troy continues to be the best thing on here. Her action sequences continue to be the highlight of the show. She gets royally screwed over by the writers on here more than once. It’s a disgrace.
  • The Titans quit because Dick Grayson lied to them. I’m not really sure why he lied or why they quit because of it but hey, that’s what happened.
  • Aqualad is terrible. So is his death scene.
  • Dick Grayson decides to move to Greenland to get away from it all. Right before he boards his plane he decides he’d rather just go to prison instead so he beats up some cops at the airport.

That’s about all the time I want to waste talking about this show.