With the release of all the James Bond movies onto a single platform via Amazon, it was inevitable they would start pushing their new cash cow. One item that did actually catch my (golden) eye was The Sound Of 007, a 90-minute documentary charting the sixty-year history of James Bond music from Dr. No to No Time To Die.


James Bond is arguably the most successful and recognizable franchise ever created. With 14 novels and 25 movies (27 if you include 1967’s Casino Royal and 1983’s Never Say Never Again). One of the things that have been a huge contributor to 007’s success is the iconic music.

The Sound Of 007 gives us a look into the secret agent’s signature theme created by Monty Norman and arranged by John Barry and its roots in the Indian tune Good Sign, Bad Sign.

Jazz to Rock

We are also led on a musical journey from Barry’s subtle use of jazz at the beginning of Bond’s cinematic introduction, through to the evolvement of pop/rock artist collaborations like Duran Duran’s A View To A Kill and Chris Cornell’s You Know My Name for Casino Royale.

The documentary delightfully reveals the backstories of classics like Golden Eye that I was shocked to learn was written by Bono and The Edge of U2 fame. As well as the ill-fated timing of Amy Winehouse’s collaboration. 

There are also snippets of Radiohead’s Spectre that sadly arrived too late, for which we ended up with Sam Smith’s warbling which is the equivalent of a cat crying to be let out of the house, desperate for a piss.

Bond Casino Royale

Highs And Lows

This documentary doesn’t shy away from its success and failures. With tales of how immortal artists like Sir Paul McCartney, Dame Shirley Bassey, and Louis Armstrong gave us some of the franchise’s most memorable theme songs, the documentary also discusses the less favorable, like Moonraker.

Overall, this was a fantastic watch with some unexpected cameos and a real in-depth analysis of the music of 007. Definitely worth checking out for Bond fans and aficionados of movie scores in general.

Bond Live and let die

What Is The Best bond Theme?

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