Well after last year’s insanely stupid and weird season of Picard, I’m all ready to hate-watch the second season and bring you all the latest in Kurtzman nonsense. LET’S DO THIS!

…45 minutes later…

Shit. This ain’t too bad. Stop messing with my understanding of the universe!

The Picard season 2 premiere starts out with everyone in a much better position than in season 1. Rafi and Rios are back in Starfleet. Rios is now the Captain of the Stargazer (not the same one from the series, mind you.). Rafi has gotten clean and is a Commander again. Agnes is having a few issues that are understandable after murdering her former boss last season.

Picard himself is reinstated as an Admiral and is given the proper respect he deserves. Elnor is the first Romulan at Starfleet Academy. Soji is an ambassador, now that the absurd ban on synths has been revoked.

Picard and Q
Hello Mon Capitan. Heeeeeee’s BACK!

In other words, everyone is where they probably should have been at the start of season 1, instead of that deconstruction that destroyed all the characters. Granted, these are all new characters but it’s nice to see a much more familiar, positive, and accurate view of what Starfleet and the Federation really should be.

Seven Of Nine has taken Rios’s old ship and uses his old holograms as crew. She’s trying help, she’s delivering medical supplies and catching bad guys. Not exactly Starfleet, but still a positive force. Alongside Rios on his ship, she finds a tear in space. They are comparing notes when a huge burst of communication blasts from out from the tear. It’s calling for Picard’s help.

So the gang (minus Soji) gets back together on Rios’s ship. Once Picard gets there the beings in the rift reveal themselves as The Borg. The Borg tries to take over the ship and the crew has to set the ship to self-destruct. But wait! For some reason, they’ve been using Borg parts to enhance the ship, which of course made it easy for The Borg to do exactly what The Borg do. They are linked up to the rest of the fleet so when one ship go boom, all ships go boom. Oops!

So everyone’s dead and that’s the season, right? One episode?

Not so fast. Picard ends up back at his vineyard… only it’s not quite the same. His hot Romulan housekeeper is gone and has been replaced by one of the weird synths from season one. His uniform and insignia are different. And then Q appears.

So looks like we have timey-wimey-wibbly-wobbly (sorry wrong franchise) stuff going on.

Overall, as much as it pains me to say it, I kinda liked it. Sure there was some eye-rolling bullshit going on here and there. For instance, apparently, Guinan can just age herself up to make humans feel comfortable, something she never did in her previous 600 years. It’s a handwave to explain that Whoopi is a lot older (and more anti-Semitic) these days but it would’ve been better to just not acknowledge it. We know actors and actresses get older, you don’t have to explain it to us like we’re children.

Guinan and Picard
“Let me tell you why Jews are white.”

But the optimism, seeing a working Federation ship, seeing Picard given the respect he’s due, that’s all good. Something’s going down and we need his help. It all felt like old-time Star Trek and that’s a good thing. Would I put it up with the old shows? No, it still has some of the baggage of last season and that’s on them for creating that garbage. But it’s definitely a course correction.

While it’s not the greatest Star Trek, it is at least not disrespectful. So I would be remiss in not saying when they do something right. If we do nothing but complain, how are they going to change? Why would they change if nothing they do makes us happy?

So I’ll keep reviewing for you. If you’re still angry at Kurzman, Paramount, and Star Trek for Discovery and Picard Season 1, your anger is genuine and I respect that. They totally earned your willingness to boycott. You absolutely don’t have to watch. Personally, I like to take it all as it comes and criticize each one by its own merits. This gave me enough to want to continue. The story didn’t have the overly mysterious garbage that made you not care because it was opaque. The editing and pacing were breezy enough, and not to repeat myself, it wasn’t disrespectful.

So there you go. If you watched it, what did you think?

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