Obi Wan Kenobi started streaming on Disney+ today. As you might know, I’m not a fan of Disney. I have very little trust in them after the sequel movies. I did like The Mandalorian, but The Book of Boba Fett was below average for me.

When I saw that they were making a series about Obi-Wan, I was dubious, but I had to give it a go. Here is my relatively spoiler-free review.

Episode 1

The opening four minutes of clips from the prequels annoyed me. They have been shouting about Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen for the past month, so why they need to patronize the audience with a reminder of who Obi-Wan and Anakin were was not a good start.


We then cut to the Jedi Temple moments after Order 66 has been executed and a brave female Jedi saves the lives of some little ones. I was hoping to see Hayden back and do what we wanted him to do in Revenge of the Sith, but nooooooo… it is Disney after all.

Ten years after this, we find Obi-Wan on Tatooine. He works a low-paid job, feeds his Eopie, and lives in a cave near Owen and Beru. He keeps an eye on young Luke Skywalker from a distance.

Suddenly some Inquisitors turn up They are all the bad guys and act like they were written by a 10-year-old and given the instruction to write their script having them “talk in an evil way”.  They are Jedi hunters and are looking for a local who might be Jedi.

I have to admit, this wasn’t too bad although the bad guys were a little lame. One of them is a Third Sister. She is out to get Obi-Wan and bring him to Vader. Why don’t know why yet, but she’s angry, relentless, and seems to ignore orders. She just wants to get to Obi-Wan.


Then we switch to Alderaan, where we find young Leia. The actress playing her looked younger than 10, but she’s meant to be about 10 years old and already a strong, independent woman. Shocker. Bail Organa and his wife are doing their best to raise her, but she’s more of a free spirit and doesn’t really want the life of a senator.

From the outset of the show, it shows Obi-Wan as a grizzled Jedi who has given up. Not really a Knight anymore. Just like Luke was in The Last Jedi. However, Leia is strong, clever, and independent. You know, like Rey.

There’s some padding out of characters, such as the interactions between Obi-Wan and Owen. Basically, Owen doesn’t like Obi-Wan. The Inquisitors are on the hunt for the Jedi and, oh no, the Third Sister threatens Owen! That is the same Owen we know is alive in A New Hope, so it was all OK. The Inquisitors are sure there are Jedi on Tattooine. When they finally find one they deal with him.


Back on Alderan, Leia gets kidnapped by the Three Stooges. I mean this nearly literally. Three full-grown men run after her and she escapes them… for a while. It turns out the Third Sister has hired these thugs to kidnap Leia, since she knows that Obi-Wan will come after her.

She seems to know that, but doesn’t know that Luke Skywalker is on Tattooine, but that doesn’t matter because, you know, Star Wars.

Bail contacts Obi-Wan and apparently he is the only person in the entire galaxy who can save Leia, because Star Wars. Obi-Wan goes out, digs up his lightsaber and Anakin’s too, and gets ready to head off-planet.

I have to say, Obi-Wan is now a moron for wearing his lightsaber, the weapon of a Jedi. Three bad-ass Sith turn up looking for a Jedi, so he just clips it on his belt and heads off. Fool.

Episode 2

Obi-Wan ends up, umm, somewhere, I missed the name of the planet. He starts looking for Leia with his lightsaber still on his belt. He finds another Jedi who seems to help people out… but he turns out to be a con-man, so a dead end of a character.

Obi-Wan finds the gang and gets into a fight, only to find he’s out of shape and can’t fight all that well. You know, like Luke in The Last Jedi. He rescues Leia and then spends the rest of the time being pushed around by Leia, like Rey did with Luke in The Last Jedi.

The Third Sister knows Obi-Wan is on the planet somewhere, so heads to a roof to look for him. Out of the whole planet she happens to be on a roof nearby to where there is a shoot-out on some other roof, and she finds him, because Star Wars.

The big shock at the end of the second episode wasn’t really much of a shock, to be honest. No gasping out loud here. I just thought “Well, OK then” and carried on.

This is when they reveal that Darth Vader is alive, which isn’t a reveal at all since they have been advertising the fact he’s in this for months. No way! I didn’t see that coming at all!


The overall show is OK, at best. There are bits which you have to say are pretty good, but there are bits that are just badly written that then undermine the good bits. Almost every 5 seconds there is an Easter Egg with a nostalgia hit, because Star Wars.

I will predict now, right here, in writing that:

The Third Sister will become a better person, form a romance with Obi-Wan, as per Mara Jade, but not end up marrying him, because we know that doesn’t happen and a strong, confident woman like her don’t need nop man to complete her.

Any battle with Vader will have zero stakes, since we know both survive and make it to A New Hope, so there’s not really a lot to look forward to there.

I give this about 2 out of 5 stars. I will finish it, but I’m not expecting much else. It’s not as bad I thought it was going to be. However, that scenario involved Kathleen Kennedy flipping everyone for an hour and then calling all the fans toxic.

That’s my take, how did you find it? Is the most amazing show ever created by humankind? Or is it the TV version of The Rise of Skywalker?

Side Note

Just to say, we haven’t forgotten about Stranger Things, which I’m off to watch now. We are talking about that on the Livesteam on Sunday. We’ll be doing an additional livestream, with Yoda, Eggy, and myself about Obi-Wan tomorrow. Don’t forget to sub to the YouTube Channel to check it out.

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