I finally managed to grab some time and sit down and watch My Son Hunter. A film that so far has done three things. 

One, it has managed to red-pill those who thought the Biden family were decent people. These are the same people who have been talking about how My Son Hunter is nothing more than the rantings of far-right “conspiracy theorists”. They said they were going to watch it just to prove how ludicrous the whole Laptop From Hell story was. Well, now they know.

Two, it has shone a light on a lot of “impartial” movie reviewers on other entertainment sites and exposed them. Some of them wrote negative reviews of the movie before it was even available! Are they part of the machine? Possibly.

Three, it left me wanting more.

The Red Pills

So let’s start with the red-pilling and the nitty gritty of the story. Hunter Biden is everything you wouldn’t want your son to become. He has a lengthy history of drug abuse, shady business dealings, sex addiction, betrayal and the moral compass of… well, the moral compass of a man who has been raised by someone who regularly showered with his own teenage daughter.

My Son Sniff

The opening scene shows Joe (played by John James) taking a late night swim as Agent Hound (Gina Carano) stands guard. Joe gets out of the pool, grabs a towel and walks up behind Hound and takes a sniff of her hair before thanking her. Agent Hound faces the camera and tells us that:

“This is not a true story… except for all the facts.”

And we’re off! We start with a re-enactment of the now infamous live news report of the BLM “mostly peaceful protests” before they panic and cut to a story about President Trump’s tweets. This is satire at its finest.

My Son Hunter

The film is basically a no-holds-barred exploration of the Biden family and the vast levels of corruption, lies and greed that plague the entire political landscape across the world. Nothing is out of bounds in My Son Hunter. I got immense satisfaction in watching the representation of Hunter’s dodgy business dealings with the Chinese and the Ukrainians in particular. 

We are privy to his constant drug taking and sex parties, his betrayal of friends, business associates and political enemies. We see his contempt for his now ex-wife and brother’s widow Hallie. Of course, we also see his refusal to accept responsibility for his love child, whom Joe has also dismissed out of hand.

Hunter 1

The beauty of all this is that it’s all based on facts. Facts straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, because it’s all information from Hunter’s laptop from hell. The most revealing issue is how every mainstream news outlet seemingly helped cover it all up. Several have now openly admitted it, so no “conspiracy theory” here. 

The Shills

As you can imagine, the same people who covered all this up are now in full damage control mode. They are probably secretly grateful for the death of Queen Elizabeth because it’s now taking the spotlight off of this movie for a while.

My Son Hunter has been called everything from “right-wing propaganda” to “a movie for fringe lunatics”. The elephant in the room of course is that this film is completely based on provable facts, and the media have admitted most of it.

Hunter Guardian
The Guardian actually wrote this article before the film was even released and anyone had seen it!


They talk about it being low-budget, highlight Gina Carano’s tweets and Laurence Fox’s cancellation in the UK. What none of them do, as they hysterically shout about this movie, is provide a single thread of counter evidence to show that anything in My Son Hunter is not factually accurate.

Hunter Salon

I Wanted More

OK, let me just clear this up. I think everyone that has participated in it is exceptionally brave for doing so. With a culture war in full swing and the noisy minority turning ever increasingly violent and desperate, My Son Hunter could not have been an easy thing to agree to do.

Yes, it’s a low budget, but that’s not an issue. My Son Hunter had a budget of just $3m and what they’ve achieved is impressive. So shame on the critics for using its budget as a reason not to watch it. That comes off as a desperate on their part.

The movie uses all Joe’s word salad and slip-ups and weaves them into general conversations effortlessly. Things like Joe telling Hunter:

“I want to know everything that’s on that laptop that can ruin my erection.”

My Son

Laurence Fox and John James are excellent in every scene together and there lies my biggest problem, there simply wasn’t enough of them. Their interactions seemed effortless and you could believe you were watching the real thing. Dry wit oozes from them both and you can tell they are thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Special praise for John James who nails it as Biden. Lots of focus has been on Fox because he’s the main star, but James was brilliant. He flipped between being creepy Uncle Joe, a bully, a dodgy businessman and finally to the bumbling moron we see today.

James captures Biden as a man completely out of his depth at this level of politics, propelled to where is is simply due to his willingness to sell his soul to the highest bidder over the many decades he’s been in Washington. 

Hunter and Grace

Lots of attention is focused on Hunter and a fictional character called Grace Anderson. She was first seen at the BLM riot at the beginning and meets Hunter when she’s working as a stripper to pay off her student loan – yeah, they went there too.

She’s used as a soundboard for Hunter to explain to us all his business dealings and the endless excuses for him being a total degenerate and mess in his private life. Personally, I would scrap most of these interactions in exchange for more Joe and Hunter. This would have earned an extra star.

My Son Hunter shows us what we were never meant to have seen, and is worth checking out.

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My Son Hunter
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