Last Looks is a fun little mystery-thriller. It is a bit of a throwback to the old L.A. detective stories. Charlie  Hunnam is Charlie Waldo, a now-retired detective who went into seclusion after going on a failed crusade to free an innocent man from prison.

Waldo had put him there based on evidence he later learned was false. Once he learns this, he tries and fails to get the man freed before he dies in prison. This causes him to give up on his career as a cop.


Mel Gibson plays Alastair Pinch, a very popular actor who everyone believes has killed his wife in a drunken rage before blacking out. Waldo is convinced to take up the case to prove Alastair innocent. The story goes on from there, as Waldo navigates the twists and turns of the case in order to find out the truth about the murder. He also has to try and avoid trouble from all directions.

It’s best if I don’t try to explain it too much beyond this and leave it up to you to discover. The official plot summary says:

“Once LAPD’s top detective, Charlie Waldo has dropped out of society. He is living in a tiny hilltop cabin above the city and obsessively possesses only 100 things. He also minimizes his carbon footprint. He rides a bicycle and in three years has grown a large, scruffy beard.

Next his former lover and Private Investigator Lorena shows up to ask for his help on a murder investigation, high-profile murder. TV Actor Alastair Pinch stands accused of murdering his wife, Monica, and as drunk. He can’t remember anything.”


The story has all the great private detective tropes. The femme fatales, the sleazy husband, sleazy lawyers and talent agents, various sleazy rich movie industry and music types. The hesitant hero who has his redemption arc. It’s all there, and it’s used pretty good in Last Looks.


Mel Gibson is superb in this movie. He is having the time of his life playing Pinch. The guy is fun to watch even when he phones it in. He does not phone it in on Last Looks.  It’s like he decided to put in a Nic Cage level of energy. It’s worth the price of admission just to see Mel in this.

Everyone else does a top job. I used to think of Hunnam in the same way as I did Jai Courtney, but ever since The Gentleman I have been reappraising the guy. He’s growing on me.


Clancy Brown has a small part in the film, he’s always awesome. Lucy Fry plays the dame that is nothing but trouble, and Morena Baccarin is Waldo’s old love interest and the person to put him on to the murder case. It’s a solid cast.

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