I was a huge fan of the original Dexter series that ran from 2006 to 2013 and despite the last two seasons not being up to the level of quality of the earlier seasons, I thought the series finale was fine.

Basically, with everyone Dexter cared about dead, he fakes his own death, and we see him living a life of a lumberjack somewhere in the pacific northwest.  The last shot shows pure misery on Dexter’s face.


The new limited series picks up 10 years from the end of the original series and Dexter is living somewhere in upstate New York working at a sporting good store in a small town. He has a relationship with the town police chief and is carrying on his routine of faking life as a normal person that everyone loves.  It’s not long before we see that it’s taking its toll on him, as he has suppressed his urge to kill for the last 10 years. We see that that 10 years of not killing has really been a strain for him.

We get some hints are what is coming up in the series with some info dropped about missing girls and some events transpire to bring Dexter out of his self-imposed retirement from killing.

The show starts out with a very different tone and style from the original series, and it felt weird I was missing it and thought it odd that they didn’t bring that back. It’s not long until he ends this dry spell that we get back to Dexter’s deadpan inner narration, always one of the best parts of the show for me.

Another change is Dexter doesn’t imagine Harry talking to him and giving him advice anymore. His sister Debra has now replaced Harry in Dex’s imagination.  So we see Dexter still has trouble with reality at times, same as always.


Another plot development is that Dexter’s now-grown son has found him and wants to get to know his Dad.

The new show is also at a higher level with how it’s shot. It no longer feels like a mid-2000s cable TV show in look and quality.

Now the gripes. It’s just a hint so far but some of the woke agenda seems to be poking its head in.  Upfront we see the first bad guy is a rich oil driller and there is some Hollywood bullshit about gunstore loopholes ( which do not exist in reality) sigh.


It is what it is though, and what can you do these days but roll your eyes and push through it while hoping there isn’t more. So far it’s not egregious. It’s at a tolerable level for 2021.

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