It’s me, back reviewing Andor this week because we need an honest opinion for a change. The story this week was, umm, well Andor’s mom died, the Empire is looking into it hoping Andor will turn up. Andor gets his money back and other stuff happens.

When Andor went to get his money back, from the holiday resort planet, I was worried when he was outside since I didn’t want to see him get arrested again and then face another 12 years in jail. It’s OK though as it looked like the holiday planet was in off season.

OK, so that’s a bit glib. What was interesting is what is going on with Luthen. He is still trying to get Saw Gerrera and Greeger to work together. They have a mission, but the Imperials know about it. If they go in, they will get slaughtered. If they don’t go in, the Imperials will know they have been penetrated.

This is the actual story. While Andor is grieving for his mother Luthen is the one that is now setting up the Rebellion. Where have I seen the main character reduced to a sidekick in his own show before?

Who's show was this again?
Who’s show was this again?

Honesty, I have no idea what’s going on with Mon Mothma at the moment. She needs to move some money around, but some guy wants his kid to marry hers. I know that sounds glib again, but I’ve not found any of her story arcs interesting so I haven’t been paying attention.

At least this episode actually had something Star Wars in it. Luthen is about to head-off when he is engaged by an Imperial ship. OK, so this was good. Not awesome, but good. There is a good, quick, battle between Luthen and some TIE fighters.

This episode was filler, another 30 minutes of filler. In the Livestream this week Yoda made the point that if this was a new IP, with new characters and didn’t have Star Wars on the front of it, it might be good.

Yes, we saw some TIE fighters this week, but nothing about this still feels like Star Wars. It is set in the boring end of the Star Wars Universe, where not much happens. I’ve said this before, but Andor is a boring character. Even the writers know this since they are side-lining him to Luthen now.

Luthen’s speech last week was amazing, about what he has given up for the Rebellion. I was totally on board with this and, if the show were about him instead of Andor, this might have been great, but I still just can’t get into it.

Another thing that really annoyed me was new shows having to have to have their own take on previous technology. When Luthen gets cornered by the Imperials, why couldn’t we just see a Star Destroyer, like from A New Hope?

I take it the large radar dishes are some form of tractor beam, but really, did we need to have this as a ship?

Some is going to get jammed!
Someone is going to get jammed!

The same with the droid, all of a sudden, there’s another new droid that they have to design. It’s like they only want new things to sell new toys! Oh, wait.

Also, I know droid have had feelings in the past, but Maarva’s droid goes into complete sulk mode when she dies. I actually laughed at that, since it was as stupid as torturing a droid with no pain sensors in Return Of The Jedi.

"Why? Why was a built to feel pain?"
“Why? Why was it built to feel pain?”

It’s the last episode next week and I’m guessing it’s going to end on a cliffhanger since it looks like there is a battle/heist coming, but at the moment, it’s got nothing to do with Andor. You know, the main star of the show.

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