Hobo With A Shotgun is a sweet little 2011 action exploitation movie with a neat backstory.

When the Grindhouse double feature of Planet Terror and Death Proof were about to be released, there was a promotional contest to help promote them.  Between the two films, there was a series of fake trailers done in the “grindhouse” style.  Most were made by professional, known filmmakers. a couple of turned into real films later, Machete being one.

My favorite of the fake trailers was the fake slasher move Thanksgiving Day from Eli Roth.

The winner of the contest turned out to be for a then fake film called Hobo With A Shotgun and was shown in some parts of Canada. You can see the contest-winning trailer below.

It must have really been a hit because, by 2010, a full-feature version started filming with Rutger Hauer starring as the titular hobo.

The story is exactly what the title promises.  The hobo drifts into a town run by a psycho crime lord and his two just as crazy and sadistic sons who kill and torture at will.  Without law and order, all manner of degeneracy runs rampant and the hobo finally sees enough.

He gets a shotgun from the local pawn shop and goes on a killing spree. Shooting child molesters and various other shitbags while arousing the ire of the crime lord and his sons while teaming up with the local hooker with a heart of gold.

To explain more of the simple plot would be to ruin the film. It is a blast. Very gory and violent. Just how I like them. Where else do you get to see a bus full of school kids set ablaze?  Spoiler, the kids don’t escape.

What I like about this movie is that while it is made to mimic the extremely graphic exploitation film style, it is earnestly made.  There is none of the “wink-wink, it’s ironic meta humor bro” like Kung Fury. I despise films like that.  Hobo With A Shotgun was made by people who “get it”.

Hobo With A Shotgun

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