Hello Friends and Neighbors, Happy (belated) Hallowe’en and all that.

I am taking advantage of some tragic circumstances, one being my inexcusable laziness-fueled guilt, the other being the death of one of the greatest pure movie stars of all time.

The noble Sir Sean Connery.

Not a great actor, terrible with accents and fearless in sharing his opinions to the delight and terror of the PC patrol. He did what a movie star should do; make you sit and watch his movies. As a persona, he oozed charm and gushed appeal that I can’t immediately find an apt comparison to but if pressed, off the top of my head I would say maybe Paul (fucking) Newman.

So with that being said, I would like to introduce or remind you of what I believe to be his finest screen role in one of the most under the radar epics that have ever graced the silver screen.

The film is called The Man Who Would Be King.

I want to share this movie with you because of a few reasons.

Firstly, the talent, or at least star power behind, it is undeniably, um, undeniable. Sir Sean shares the screen with Sir Michael Caine, Christopher Plummer as well as Indian movie star Saheed Jaffey and Shakira Caine (Michael’s Wife).

The material comes from a short story by Rudyard Kipling and was directed by the legendary John Huston who also adapted it for the screen with his long time by rarely credited assistant Gladys Hill. Huston is a ten-time Oscar-nominated director, writer, producer and actor having scored two trophies for Treasure On The Sierra Madre and father of Danny and Angelica.

The costumes were done by the record, eight-time Oscar-winner and frequent Hitchcock collaborator Edith Head.

The story follows two disgraced British Soldiers stationed in British occupied India in the early 1900s. The Man Who Would Be King is at once a condemnation of Imperialism while also pro-veteran and as a pocket Imperialist’s wet dream. And though it has exactly one prominent female character she swings a pretty big pair of balls. What I’m really saying is The Man Who Would Be King has got something for everyone.

A passionate fan of Kipling’s, and as early as the 1950s, John Huston tried to bring The Man Who Would Be King to the screen many times with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Originally conceived as a vehicle for Humphrey Bogart and Clark Gable but  Bogart died before it got anywhere. Huston was considering who could replace Bogart when Gable also passed away as well.  It was reconceived with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas, then Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole but it wasn’t until it was offered to Robert Redford and Paul Newman that the names Connery and Caine were considered and the silky hand of fate brought us one of the finest examples of brotherhood to the screen.

I attach a trailer with the caveat it doesn’t convey the tone of the film well. Portraying it more as an action film than an epic adventure. Pour a glass of Scotch, or beer, get comfy in a quiet place and enjoy some of the best doing some of the best.