Last month, during a special look inside a Disney Park as part of a virtual conference, Disney chairman of the parks, Josh D’Amaro, dropped a hint that they had cracked some tech that would enable them to create “real” lightsabers that extended and retracted.

To close out Star Wars Day, May The Fourth, Disney released the first look at one in action.

It doesn’t require any plastic prop blades. Instead, the light-up blade extends from the hilt. It remains to be seen if this technology can stand up to the kind of battering a playing kid will give it. This makes it likely to remain a prop lightsaber used only by theme park actors and extras.

It will be used as part of Disney’s upcoming Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser immersive hotel.

The hotel experience is said to deliver a fully immersive, interactive, two-night Star Wars adventure. As a guest, you can undertake lightsaber training, and enjoy fine dining in between learning the navigation and defense systems of the spaceship. The hotel is expected to be open in 2022.

Your own Lightsabers at Galaxy’s Edge already costs $199.99 so even if these were released to the public it is likely to be far higher.

Disney’s patent was discussed on Twitter with an outline of how the concept works.

No melty blast doors, no sale!

I must be a grumpy old man now, but while I love a theme park and admire the immersive world-building that they pull off, I want to go home at the end of the day. 48 hours in an all-encompassing experience sounds… exhausting!

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