Hey Guys!

Carl Adolf von Sydow, born in Lund, Skåne, Sweden April 10, 1929, passed away yesterday just shy of his 91st birthday.

I can say that I never went to see a film that starred Max, however, I knew that he always put in a solid performance and if either playing a villain (Three Days Of The Condor, Flash Gordon), or a hero (The Exorcist, The Greatest Story Ever Told), he would not call it in.

The Greatest Story Ever Told

I would argue that he was one of the greatest character actors in a generation. He has an impressive body of work spanning all types of genres in some of the most beloved films and TV series. Looking at his body of work on IMDb, you will see that he has been working in this profession for 70 years!

I will not go into some long-winded story of how Max influenced my life or attended my birthday party, but I had to write about this person that was in so many productions over the years, it was hard not to see him.

He also has more on-screen deaths than Sean Bean!

This post is for all of us to share our thoughts and memories of this great performer.

Three Days Of The Condor
Flash Gordon
Strange Brew
Game Of Thrones

Farewell, good sir, your work will be enjoyed for generations to come.