Jeremy Renner has posted a photo from recovery. He was badly injured earlier this week on New Years Day in a major accident while snow-plowing near his home in Reno. He has suffered sever chest trauma and extensive orthopaedic injuries.


Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam has now given an update with more details. Balaam highlighted that Renner is an honorary Washoe County Deputy Sheriff and has made a tremendous impact on the community, including clearing roads frequently when the area is hit by snowy weather.

Balaam said severe winter weather had come in overnight and dumped three feet of snow across the area. The Avengers star used his PistenBully Snow-Cat to free a vehicle driven by a family member that was stuck in the snow near his home.


According to Balaam the actor got out of the Snow-Cat to talk to the family member. At this point the 14,300 lbs. machine started to slide forward so Renner attempted to stop it when the accident occurred and it ran over him. Neighbors rushed to help, including a doctor, and he was urgently airlifted to hospital.

Balaam makes it clear that no foul play is suspected. The PistenBully has been impounded to check for potential mechanical failures.

A planned press junket Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2 has been cancelled. The new season may be delayed but no announcement has been made yet.

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