So it appears the drama is not over as #ReleaseTheJJCut has been trending on the internet sewer known as Twitter.

A reddit leak has dished up a lot of interesting behind the scenes issues that involve Warner, Bad Robot, J.J. Abrams, and Star Wars.

The biggest tidbits I took from this:

JJ always treated everyone on and offset with respect so my source’s agenda is that what Disney has done to JJ and how much they screwed him over should be something people are at least aware of, whether you like him as a filmmaker or not.

Disney was one of the studios who were in that Bad Robot bidding war last year. Disney never had much interest in BR as a company but they did in JJ because they saw WB (who JJ went with in the end) as a major threat.

Hmm. So JJ went to WB with his Bad Robot to fix DC, and Disney possibly sees this as big competition. Hmm.

My source mentioned this shortly after the premiere: “The TROS we saw last night was not the TROS we thought we worked on”.

JJ was devastated and blindsided by this. He’s been feeling down over the last 6 months because of some of the ridiculous demands Disney had that changed his movie’s story. While the scenes were shot, a lot of the changes were made in post-production and the audio was rerecorded and altered. My source said they’ve never seen anything like this happen before. He’s the director and he wasn’t in the know about what they were doing behind his back.

JJs original agreement when he signed on was indicating he would have way more creative control than he did on TFA. It became evident this wasn’t the case only a couple of weeks into shooting when the trouble with meddling started.

JJ wanted to do some scenes he thought were important but Disney shut it down citing budgetary reasons.

May 2019: JJ argued that those scenes were crucial. He had to let go of one of the scenes. The other scene he insisted on was approved at first. He did reshoots and additional photography in July. The new scene was shot at BR in October.

The “ending that will blow your mind” was a part of this. Older actors were included like Hayden, Ewan and Samuel and anyone who wasn’t animated. The force ghosts weren’t meant to be voices because they shot that footage on camera. The actors were in costumes. Rey was supposed to be surrounded by the force ghosts to serve as sort of a barrier between her and the Sith surrounding them.

Interesting. So was it even filmed? Seems like they did JJ dirty, and by proxy, the audience.

There’s more at the link but in essence, JJ wanted a different movie. This would explain some of the choppiness of the movie. The idea that it needed to be less controversial seems to have backfired as the fan service, ironically, didn’t serve the fans at all.

There’s a lot more about what was cut and what Disney added. “They Fly Now” was apparently NOT wanted by JJ nor did he like it. Finally, there’s this:

JJ was not happy with where TLJ took the story. The final result is a mix of that story and the story told by Disney and whoever they tried to impress (“certainly not the fans”). JJ is gutted over the final result. Star Wars means a lot to him. He had to sacrifice large chunks of the story in TFA but he was promised more creative control on TROS and instead the leash they had him on was only tightened as time went by. A source said that this is the one franchise and the one piece of his work that he didn’t want to mess up and instead it turned into his worst nightmare. When he found out that he was blindsided with the cut they presented, he said “what the fuck??” when Kylo was fighting the Knights of Ren at the end and the Williams music that was used for it was not what he wanted at all. He seemed to think it was out of place.

This seems to confirm what I said in my last video, that JJ did not like Rian Johnson and he was screwed over by what happened in The Last Jedi.

I said Rian broke the sequel trilogy. Now it seems that JJ was not allowed to fix it. Or at least was not given his own vision to be accepted or rejected as it stood. Instead, we got this mess as decided by Disney executive committees.

What a waste.

Do you want to see his cut? It seems to exist if this post is any indication.