Yesterday we reported on a deal between AMC and Universal that radically cuts the time of exclusivity at AMC theaters and opens the door to Universal PVOD.

No surprises that other chains are very nervous about this. Regal is the second largest chain in the US and it’s run by the Cineworld Group who run theaters globally. Today they made it clear they do not support the move and will not be doing it themselves.

Excellently named Cineworld CEO Mooky Greidinger spoke to Deadline and was clear:

“We do not see any business sense in this model. While we don’t know the full details and we are always analyzing any move in the industry, we will analyze it.

People need to be aware that the first big movie from Universal is coming only in six months so there is no pressure here.

But we clearly see this as a wrong move at the wrong time. Clearly we are not changing our policy with regards to showing only movies that are respecting the theatrical window.”

Universal has distribution on the Bond film No Time to Die outside the USA in November. Next Summer they have Fast 9, Jurassic World: Dominion and Minions: Rise of Gru which will be subject to the new deal in the USA only.

Greidinger also weighed in on the Universal situation earlier in the year when the Trolls World Tour argument was raging. Cineworld operates in ten countries with 9,500 screens globally, so Universal still clearly have a way to go.