When HBO Max pulled the plug on a $30m prequel series to Game Of Thrones in raised some eyebrows in the industry.  Superstar screenwriter Jane Goldman was considered a home run to bring this in.  Naomi Watts was signed to star.  Then suddenly the suits canned the whole project and went in a different direction, selecting the second prequel that was in development.

Jane Goldman

Nobody really knew why or what had happened at HBO.  Now a whistleblower has leaked the reason for the cancellation.  The insider says the reason this prequel was stopped is, unfortunately, completely predictable in today’s world.

It was cancelled because it was –

“too woke.”

Apparently the show was riddled with modern sensibilities and commentary on social issues, pushing identity politics and not being even remotely subtle about it.

It recast the first white Walker as black.  Two lesbian characters were the central leads and their sexuality was important to the story, and Ned Stark’s ancestors were re-written as mixed race.  This was all wrapped up in an allegory about the evils of colonialism.

Naomi Watts

HBO realised that in an attempt to be subversive, this version of the show would potentially alienate the core audience and fans of the books and the original show.

Apparently a lot of the people involved in the cancelled prequel, titled Bloodmoon, are angry at the cancellation and have commented that the selected prequel was written by a man and this is the reason it was selected.

HBO has so far made no new statements.