It is our sad duty to report on the death of irony and self-awareness among a class of people who, if those who voted for Trump were to be labeled the Deplorables, must be referred to as the Insufferables.

Residents of the Panem Capitol in Hunger Games

In the Hunger Games, the preening, peacocking idiots of the Capitol of Panem are part of a society where people are so rich, so free from everyday concern and hardship, and with so much time on their hands that they have come to hugely overvalue personal appearance. Of course, they all look absolutely ridiculous but nobody points this out and they all think they look fabulous.

This genuinely comes to pass once a year, right here, in our actual reality in the form of the Met Gala. The latest gathering of vapid, idiotic meat puppets who are about as much good to society as those ludicrous popinjays were in the Hunger Games happened this past weekend.

As people face a choice to heat or eat due to catastrophic economic and pandemic policies hiking inflation, while the world stumbles towards a potential nuclear confrontation through projected Western weakness, the prick parade did not disappoint. Comical twat after comical twat made an absolute ass out of themselves, while somehow believing their existence to be actually worthwhile.


Among the guests was former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who said she was attending for the first time in 20 years to celebrate the fashion and spirit of America. Thanks Hilary. We are sure that is a comfort to millions of people staring at their current bank balance through tears.

While you glance worryingly under the hood of your car, hoping that the noise it has started making isn’t expensive after your household budget was destroyed, take comfort in this fact. Tickets cost $35,000 and tables go for up to $300,000. This raises millions for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, a fashion museum that isn’t even open to the public.

Check out this fucking twat.
Did this clown get dressed in the dark?
Irony… wasted
“Anderson Paak”? You can’t fool us, Cuba Gooding Jr!
Who the fuck is this? Ezra Miller had the op?
The absolute state of these spunk trumpets!

The Insufferables. Fuck ’em.


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