Amazon’s Reacher sits in a category labeled “I Can’t Believe This Exists in 2022”. It was a breath of fresh air, in that it portrayed the character pretty faithfully from the books, and was seemingly immune from Hollywood social engineering. It featured a heterosexual white male protagonist who wasn’t belittled, mocked, or forced to face his own internalized racism, guilty simply of existing.


Reacher featured well-written, convincingly portrayed, strong female characters who were organic to the story. It concentrated on telling a story with a clear narrative through-line, in a linear fashion. As a result, it was a huge hit, was well-reviewed, and built a strong fan following. It was one of Prime Video’s most-watched shows, even going on to top the Nielsen streaming chart.

The first season was based on the first book in the series – Killing Floor. Now Jack Reacher himself, Alan Ritchson, has revealed that the second season of Reacher has found its source material.

It will be based on Lee Child’s eleventh Reacher novel, Bad Luck and Trouble. The blurb for the book says:

“When someone makes a small anonymous deposit into Reacher’s bank account, it triggers his fixation for math and his investigative instincts. Reacher deduces that the deposit is a signal only the eight former members of his elite team of army investigators would use.

Obsessed with math like Reacher, Frances Neagley locates him because of the brutal death of one of their own. They race to reunite with the survivors of their old team and raise the living, bury the dead, and connect the dots in a mystery that grows more complex with more murders.

With the lives of those Reacher considers family at stake, his usual emotionless demeanor breaks and he says of the killers, “They are dead men walking.” The team falls into their old roles and routines with ease, their motto still their sacred rule: You do not mess with the Special Investigators.”

The plot includes Las Vegas, terrorist arms dealers, and a conspiracy. Filming for the second season starts in the autumn of this year.

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