We knew this would happen. When we looked at the release schedules for the year, it was obvious that there was a great, big, huge yawning gap (like your mom’s) at the end of the summer and then a barren wasteland at the cinema until late October when Black Adam finally arrives. With productions closed down back in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID, releases pushed to streaming and then delayed product all being rushed out as soon as possible to generate cashflow, we face a cinematic entertainment desert.

Me and the LMO boys, looking for something to watch…

Labor Day is coming. Traditionally a big movie weekend. What have we got to feast on? Reheated leftovers, that’s what.

There is an upcoming extended cut of Spider-Man: No Way Home with close to 15 minutes added back in, including a new post-credits scene instead of the Doctor Strange 2 trailer that was attached to the original. Sony have punked this to 3,850 theaters.

A re-release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is gaining traction. It was quietly slipped out to just 255 desperate screens last weekend and amazingly pulled in $1million so others are booking the movie. A re-release of Spielberg’s E.T. is also out there.

Old faithful Top Gun: Maverick continues to do business even though it is available at home right now. Comfortably the biggest earner of the year and the post-pandemic era.

One movie that is always welcome back on the big screen is Steven Spielberg’s 1975 slice of cinematic perfection that is Jaws. There is a 3D and IMAX release out there, lurking, as well as a remastered standard release. Choose wisely.


This Saturday is National Cinema Day in North American and all AMC and Regal theaters, plus some others, are dropping their ticket price to $3.

Jaws… on the big screen… for $3? Get out there and do it!

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