After some much publicized complaints, an internal investigation that had a number of question marks around it, and the rather hasty departure of Joss Whedon from a project, you may think it’s over. Ray Fisher’s complaints about behaviors relating to the cinematic cut of Justice League would seem to be addressed.
Alas not. He just keeps going. This time with something that would appear to rule him out of ever playing Cyborg again. He is refusing to work with DC Films President Walter Hamada.
In a new Twitter storm he calls out Hamada directly.

Fisher’s latest comments come in the wake of the big New York Times feature on Hamada and the DC plans for a radically increased slate of movies.
Fisher had already called out Joss Whedon, Geoff Johns, and Jon Berg. Clearly he feels strongly about this as it’s going to damage his chances of work and, given a refusal to work with Hamada over this, it is difficult to see how he can return to the role of Cyborg.
His work on Justice League reshoots for the Snyder Cut will have been completed by now.
Whatever it was, it has got him so wound up that he is willing to stand up for this, rather than take the safe option for his career.